Born Again - as Kris Jablonski

To Whom It May Concern

It becomes a reality: long-needed change of my name.

I admit I lost the battle... For more than 30 years I have used my name in its original Polish form and have no intention to do this anymore.

Among most bizarre, misspelled versions of my name are Knyn Jabtouslu, Yvlonisky Kashistov, Kushishutofu Yabuwonsuki, K. Jebfinsh, Krzyszfot Jablonski, K. Zabtonsky, Christoph Yablonsky and more.

It also happened so, that my name was written differently several times during the same event - Kshishtof Jablonski, Kjistof Yablonski and Kryzystof Jablonski. I have a large collection of photos of many of those "creative" versions of my names. The result being, the audience completely confused, unable to "google" me, unable to find me, and even worse - unable to memorize my name, saying "oh, that guy with strange name, can't remember...".

From now on I will use the name: KRIS JABLONSKI. Please spread the news. Thank you!